For months, the following class members have donated their time to plan our upcoming reunion. Thanks to each person who has contributed ideas and energy to make it a success.

We welcome others to join in the process of keeping us connected. Your creative ideas and your time would be greatly appreciated. If you want to pitch and join the committee in reunion planning, contact
Robert Hall (70), Dwight Plemmons (71), or Dena Parker Gettleman (72).


Dwight Plemmons, 2016 Reunion Chair (71)

Annie Martin, 2016 Reunion Webmaster (71)


Bruce Elmore (70)
Dena Parker Gettleman (72)
George Groome (70)
Alan Hall (72)

Robert Hall (70)
Vicki Burnette Hall (71)
Betsy Lasher Mayes (70)

Jim McKinney (71)
John Miall (70)

Mardy Luther Murphy (71)
Mack Salley (70)
Patsy Tipton (71)